Car hire in Macau | 9 Seats cozy MPVs | Up to 8 passengers


Last updated on 01 October ,2023.

  • Private limousine service including licensed, experienced driver.

  • Latest vehicle model with seating for up to eight passengers.

  • Recognized service by global five-star hotels (Mandarin Oriental, W Hotel)

  • Completely flexible timing and itinerary based on your needs.

  • Direct secure online payment available.


Explore Macau the easiest way, with your own private car and driver. Our limousine service is certified by global five-star hotels and gives you everything you need to discover Macau's fascinating culture. Featuring experienced drivers and the latest car models, our exclusive cars can seat up to eight passengers.

IMGBIN_hotel-garda-price-pricing-anilox-png_CDcpe94v.pngLimousine Service

One-Way Transfer: HKD 320

4-Hour Hire: HKD1280

6-Hour Hire: HKD1920

8-Hour Hire: HKD2560

Additional Surcharge: HKD 320 per-hour


  • Air-Conditioned Limousine for up to 8 guests (excluding luggage);

  • Licensed and Experienced Driver;

  • Complimentary Water Bottle for Every Guest;

  • All Tips & Gratuity (additional gratuity is welcome for outstanding service).



  • Personal Travel Insurance;

  • Tour Guide Service;

  • Out-of-Office Hours Surcharge (late night or early morning);

  • Surcharge for Specific Destinations or Additional Drop-Off Points (see Terms & Conditions);

  • Macau Visa, if applicable.

Terms and conditions
  1. Car rental fee is non-refundable once it is paid;

  2. For services operate in non-office hours, 07:31-08:59 and 22:00-22:59, surcharge MOP150/transaction applied for vehicle and tour guide respectively (e.g MOP150 for each driver & guide). For midnight-early morning hours 23:00 -07:30, further quotation is required;

  3. Surcharge HKD 100 will be applied if vehicle reaching HKZM Bridge-Macau Port Island/Coloane Island/University of Macau (Henqin Island). Further quotation is required if reaching "A-Ma Cultural Village Coloane";

  4. Should the customer cannot provide confirmed route or location before the departure, but the vehicle on-hire service has reached the locations mentioned on Term 3, the driver will acquire such surcharge for Macau Explorer;

  5. Amendment Policy: Should the customer requests an “ad hoc” change on departure time or location, such request is subject to availability. The driver will acquire surcharge for Macau Explorer if such changes involve with non-office hours and locations mentioned on Item 3;

  6. One-way transfer is a point-to-point service. Should the waiting time of vehicle is over 10 minutes and we have been notified officially to keep waiting for customer, double charge for the one way transfer or by hourly charge will be charged. Should we cannot contact or receive notification from customer, the vehicle service is considered as “NO SHOW” and vehicle will stop waiting, relevant vehicle fare should be paid by customer and is non refundable;

  7. Midway drop off/pick up customer during an one way transfer is considered as one extra stop-point allowed per transfer, MOP100.00 surcharge applied for every extra stop-point. The entire transfer (including waiting time) has to be completed within one hour;

  8. Driver reserves the right to alter the itinerary due to weather and other unforeseeable conditions;

  9. The Vehicle Rental List & Travel Services listed on this document is for touring and one-way transfer purpose. Should the vehicle is used as a “shuttle” basis (eg, a coach running back and forth between two or more specific destinations), such service is considered as “Exhibition shuttle” and further quotation is required;

  10. Children must be accompanied by an adult;

  11. Under No. 8 typhoon signal, for those service orders of rental vehicle that has not been executed will be stopped and cancelled, the rental fare will be refunded (credit card transaction surcharge may apply) to customer. Under typhoon signal No. 1 or No. 3, car rental services will provide as usual and relevant service order cannot be cancelled.

  12. Any vehicle services provided by Macau Explorer includes third-party liability insurance ONLY, it EXCLUDES customer’s individual travel insurance;

  13. All items are subject to the terms & conditions of Macau Explorer Cultural Travel.

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